Centre for Shariah Reference in Islamic Finance - Pusat Rujukan Shariah Bagi Kewangan Islam

Educators’ Manual


The Educator’s Manual is a pioneering effort to translate the Shariah Standard into a user-friendly format for adoption in the academic syllabus at Malaysian universities. The manual aims to enhance the Islamic finance syllabus offered by educational establishments as well as a strategy for talent deployment into the industry.

The future growth of Islamic finance, especially across borders, is very much dependent on the harmonisation and mutual recognition of Shariah views and rulings across the globe.

Students who are exposed to the teachings of all schools of thought from the very beginning would get to appreciate the intellectual differences and value the flexibility arising from differing opinions. This provides an opportunity for them to open and sharpen their minds and widen their thinking by exploring issues from multidimensional perspectives.

Through this way, the talent that will be nurtured and produced would not only be equipped with Shariah know-hows, but also with intellectual courage that can articulate contemporary Shariah issues in the context of domestic customs and business environment.

The manual is only shared with the educational institutions which agree to adopt it.




Adoption of the Educators’ Manual opens the window of opportunity for students to go beyond theory-based teaching. Continuous enhancements of curriculums in universities are critical to increase the employability factor of the students. So far, the following institutions have adopted the Educators’ Manual:

  1. International Islamic University of Malaysia
  2. Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia