Centre for Shariah Reference in Islamic Finance - Pusat Rujukan Shariah Bagi Kewangan Islam

20 Years of SAC





Shariah or Islamic law is one of the central driving forces that shape the course of Islamic finance development globally.

In developing an industry founded upon Shariah principles, the robust process of collective ijtihad (juristic reasoning) that is built upon careful and thorough deliberations by a balanced group of credible scholars, is key in building trust in the industry.

Among Islamic financial institutions in Malaysia, the SAC  serves as the apex body to ascertain Shariah rulings. Since its establishment in 1997, the SAC has been instrumental in harmonising the proliferation of Shariah opinions locally, strengthening public confidence in Islamic finance offerings, and reducing time-to-market and spurring product innovations by Islamic financial institutions.

This book not only documents the SAC’s two-decade journey featuring personal recollections of key figures who have been pivotal in Islamic finance development, but also sets forth the future aspirations for the SAC in light of the challenges ahead.

This book can be purchased from Bank Negara Malaysia Museum at Bank Negara Museum Store, Sasana Kijang. For further inquiries or information, you may call +603 9179 2769 or email: infomuseum@bnm.gov.my.