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Immerse yourself in Crazy Time Live, a revolutionary offering by Evolution Gaming, promising adrenaline-filled action and big wins!

An excellent choice for gambling enthusiasts, Crazy Time is a game that comes with many unique features. Part of what makes CrazyTime stand out is it resembles the likes of a TV show and gives players many different chances to win.

Crazy Time offers simplicity, profitability, and unpredictability, delivering the thrill players crave. On our official site, you’ll find comprehensive information about Crazy Time, empowering you to start your game with confidence.

Game Rules

There are several ways you can play Crazy Time, but there are a handful of rules that are important to understand. A lot of what plays into the outcome of your gameplay comes down to choices, but some aspects of the casino game will decide whether you win or lose.

Some important rules to consider include the following:

  • The drum within the game consists of 8 different groups
  • Each group comes with its own features, like winning multipliers or a variety of mini-games
  • Plays can place bets on one or a certain number of the cells in front of them. You’ll also encounter numerous bonus sectors throughout the gameplay to help increase your winnings
  • Once you start the game, the dealer takes bets from each player and then spins the wheel
  • From here, you’ll see the video slot begin to spin, which adds a multiplier to a sector at random, which will provide a number of bonus games. If the sector and multiplier land on each horizontally, then a multiplier will be activated
  • Once the drum stops, those who guessed the bet correctly will be the winners

A lot of the game requires players to watch closely as each turn plays out, but Crazy Time is also known to be rather relaxing. Next, we’re going to cover the variety of bonus games you will encounter when you play Crazy Time.

Bonus Games in the Slot

Throughout the game, you’ll come across four bonus mini-games. These include Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. It’s important to note that each mini-game takes up a different amount of sectors on the drum.

The online casino game gives Cash Hunt and Pachinko two sectors, whereas Coin Flip uses four sectors, and Crazy Time one sector. Although each bonus game has the potential to increase the winnings from your bet, Crazy Time offers the highest earning potential.

Cash Hunt

This mini bonus game offers a 108 random multiplier field. The casino game will require players to choose one of them within a certain time limit and then sound signals to determine the amount they won.

Coin Flip

Simply put, the screen displays two different circles, and the gameplay is a lot like flipping a coin. Depending on the side of the coin that’s drawn, players will either lose or win, and the maximum multiplier is 100x.


This classic game includes 16 different values at the bottom of a wall. Once the ball is launched, it’ll travel down the wall and land on one of these values. The max multiplier for this game is up to 10,000x.

Crazy Time

Among the list of mini-games, Crazy Time offers the potential for the best winnings. This game comes with a larger money wheel that has three different markers at the top. Players will choose one of these three markers, and your goal is to catch the multipliers. The max multiplier for Crazy Time is 20,000x.

Advantages and Features of the Game

Aside from taking a spin at the wheel and focusing on winning, there are many other features of the game that add to its selling points. Overall, Crazy Time is a virtual casino game that emulates a game show and comes with a live dealer, which adds to the interactive nature of the gameplay.

There are numerous tactics that players can use to increase their winnings, but as with any casino game, this comes with some risk. With the variety of multipliers available throughout the game, players can also utilize several other notable features.

Some of these advantages and features include the following:

  • Potential winnings are bound to be higher than many other casino games
  • You can bet on one sector or all of them for a chance at better winnings
  • The game offers a chat system to interact with other players
  • Before each spin, you can utilize multipliers or take advantage of mini-games
  • Benefit from a high RTP percentage of 96.08%
  • Enjoy an addictive yet relaxing gaming atmosphere with excellent visuals

This is simply a gist of what can be expected from the game, and you also have many options to choose from regarding where you play Crazy Time online.

Where to Play Crazy Time

It’s extremely important that you only play casino games with reputable companies. Thankfully, you have more than one option, each of which is officially licensed and follows all laws and regulations.

Here’s where you can play Crazy Time safely:

  • 1Win Online Casino
  • Pin Up Online Casino
  • Parimatch Online Casino
  • 1xbet Online Casino

Each of these websites is widely known among the online casino community. Better yet, they offer a quality, safety, and experience that you can rely on for the long term.

How to Start Playing Crazy Time

Getting set up to play Crazy Time is actually pretty easy. Registration is required, but it merely takes a few steps to get started. This process is entirely free, and it’s important regarding identification to handle payouts.

There are two different routes for registration. One method is by providing a phone number and email; the other is by linking a social media account. Both are extremely easy to accomplish, and once you’re set-up, you can immediately hop into your first game round. Before you start the live game, make sure to top up your Crazy Time account with a deposit, and you’ll also receive a Crazy Time bonus for the online game.

Crazy Time First Bet and Winnings

Placing your first bet can be exciting, and you can take advantage of multipliers and bonuses right from the start. With a little influence from Wheel of Fortune, the game simulates a gaming experience that many people are fond of.

To get started, you want to select your betting value and then place your chips in the betting areas that you want. With 54 different sections and different multipliers of 1, 2, 5, and 10, there’s plenty of opportunity that’s in your favor.

When it comes to your winnings, you have multiple withdrawal options to choose from, whether it’s e-wallets, bank transfers, and many others. To learn more about Crazy Time, take a look at the FAQ section below.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Crazy Time

Crazy Time is bound to generate quite a few questions, especially for new players. The FAQ below covers some of the most important topics so you can get started with confidence.

What is the Minimum Bet?

To test the waters of the game, you can start with a minimum bet. Crazy Time requires a minimum bet of $0.10. If you’d like to go all out, the maximum bet for this game is $1,300.

How Much Can I Win in Crazy Time?

The maximum winning available is through the main Crazy Time bonus game, which offers a potential multiplier of 20,000x.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning in Crazy Time?

The best way to increase the potential for winning is by betting smart and taking advantage of the bonus games that are available. Whether you take a very strategic approach or encounter a random multiplier, Crazy Time gives you plenty of chances to win big.

What Does the Statistics in the Game Interface Mean?

These statistics highlight the winning results for the most recent rounds of the game. Some people start playing just to show off their skills, while others simply get lucky with an excellent winning round.

What is the Game Number?

This number is displaying the hours, minutes, and seconds in GMT. It also acts as a game number and helps to indicate the start of the game round.

What is Multi-Game Mode in Crazy Time?

This particular mode gives players the ability to play multiple live casino games simultaneously.

Does Crazy Time Have an Auto-Play Mode?

Once you’ve placed your bet, Crazy Time allows you to choose autoplay to help streamline the betting process.

Is there a Demo Game of Crazy Time?

Unfortunately, Crazy Time doesn’t offer a demo version, but you can choose the minimum bet if you don’t want to risk a ton of money at the start.

In Conclusion

Crazy Time is considered a top slot casino game that lets users play with real money. Another big selling point of the game is that it’s a video slot that offers a visually stunning and entertaining experience.